Walk and drink through London's history with a food expert

location_city London

timelapse 2 - 3 hour duration

language delivered in English

Hosted by Emma

Hi, I’m Emma - a London food expert, historian, and gin lover. For many years, I’ve studied the impact food and drinks had over London’s history and have made a career out it.

The experience

On this experience, we’ll travel through the history of London’s main drinks. Whether it be tea, coffee, gin or beer, Londoners have always been under the influence and these four drinks have helped shape our city as we know it today. Did you know that we drank coffee long before we drank tea? We’ve also lost wars and chunks of our Empire over tea, we have exchanged drugs for the precious leaves, locking them away as if they were gold - remember that when you next get out your teapot.

We’ll walk through hidden streets of the City of London, visiting key landmarks like St Paul’s Cathedral and the Old Bailey, and a few distilleries such as the City of London Distillery - one of the most iconic in the City. We’ll stop at key locations representing each of these drinks, where we’ll experience iconic tastes of history.

So what are you waiting for? Come thirsty and let’s have fun!


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