Create your own artwork with a local mural artist

location_city London

timelapse 3 hour duration

language delivered in English

Hosted by Joao

Hi, I’m Joao! I am a mural artist based in the city of London. My specialty is pointillism and illustration. I have worked for some of the biggest brands such as AccorHotels and Reebok, where my art can be seen by millions of people. I also love exploring in different fields and this mades my work very adaptable.

The experience

Join me on this experience, where we aim to draw London using pointillism, which is based on the juxtaposition of dots. We’ll start the experience with a walk around the area of London Bridge to collect materials for the workshop, such as pictures of monuments and objects we can use for inspiration.

After that, using the images and objects selected from the walk, you will learn all the techniques necessary to create your own piece of art. You’ll first practice on some drafts, over tea and coffee, and then do the final version on a nice frame which I’ll sign.

London Bridge and the area is very central - you’ll get the opportunity to see essential London landmarks such as the Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and Borough Market.


fiber_manual_record Tea and coffee

fiber_manual_record All materials