Mix classic London scents with a local perfumer

location_city London

timelapse 3 hour duration

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Hosted by Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah - a perfumer who loves to tell stories in scent. I make perfume: aromas to capture a mood, a place or an era - sometimes all three. I make perfume for princesses and my fragrances are in some of the world’s most selective stores including 10 Corso Como in Milan, the Scent Bar in Beverley Hills and Maison 10 in New York.

The experience

For this experience, I have curated a collection of aroma materials that represent different areas of London. You’ll learn to combine them to create your own scented map of London, and take it home to remind you of your visit.

I’ll introduce you to some of the secrets of perfumery, and to ingredients both ancient and modern, which Londoners have been using to adorn their bodies and garments since medieval times. You’ll smell ancient balsams imported from the East that were banned by the church for their mind-altering abilities, the essential oils which Tudor monarchs lavished all over their clothes and used to flavour their food, and the “fern” scent developed in West London that changed the way perfumes were made for ever.

By the end, you’ll have experimented with your own fragrance combination, and made a pocket sized vial to take away.


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