Spot London's street art with PhD expert, Domenica

location_city London

timelapse 2 hour duration

language delivered in English

Hosted by Domenica

Hi, I'm Domenica - an urban art lover and expert. I’ve completed my PhD with a thesis on the impact of Street Art on local communities and have made a career out of art. I love exploring the city, discovering its hidden art, and showing how beautiful London is to travellers from all over the world..

The experience

On this experience, we’ll walk and explore the city and its surfaces through the 'urban interventions' of graffiti and street art in Shoreditch, a district in the historic East End of London.

Graffiti brings a new perspective of the urban space, which becomes a playground as well as an open-air gallery. You’ll discover new artists, see renowned pieces, learn about the different techniques, and hear about the controversial issues related to the scene.

See you soon!

What to bring

fiber_manual_record Comfortable shoes

fiber_manual_record Camera

fiber_manual_record Umbrellas or raincoats in case of rain

Reviews (4) star star star star star

I booked this for a friend's hen do as she absolutely loves street art and doesn't visit London often. It was one of those times where you're not quite sure whether it will work with such a mix of people or even whether the tour will be good or just something you could do yourself with a bit of planning.

I needn't have worried - it was amazing!

Our tour was with Maria (MD) and she was just so friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. We couldn't have asked for more!

MD showed us pieces of street with a running commentary which wasn't only interesting but informative too. We saw a variety of pieces all with a different history and some with running themes. She allowed us time to take photos, quizzed us with a few fun questions and allowed us to ask us as many questions as we liked.

One of the best things was the fact that MD had her personal stories of being friends with some of the artists so we knew this wasn't just someone who had revised street art out of a book the night before. The little stories and snippets were so interesting - one of the girls on the hen do admitted to me she thought the tour may be boring and yet ended up being one of the ones to take the most photos! The best bit was the bride absolutely loved it and wants to do it again!

All in all, a fantastic morning that I would recommend to anyone. Also a great way to burn calories without even realising it!

Jess star star star star star

We booked this walking tour of Shoreditch street art after a recommendation. MD was fantastic. Her enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject was obvious and very infectious. She showed us numerous pieces we would have missed if we were just walking alone and then explained the background of the artist and the significance of the piece. I was amazed how much street art was around, so a very busy tour.

John star star star star star

I really enjoyed my time with MD, discovering all the hidden world of the street art in Shoreditch. She was really rich in details and explained us techniques and anecdotes of the artists life. We also had lunch in a really nice and relaxing place.

It's really a nice way to know a different and true London. For me a must do! Thanks MD!

Gillian star star star star star

M.D. guided us around the street art of Hoxton and Shoreditch and she was brilliant, knowledgable and very enthusiastic about the subject, she showed us stuff that we otherwise have missed. Our tour was 2.5 hours long but we could easily have carried on for an other hour but it was turning beer o'clock.

Claus star star star star star



£30 star star star star star 4 reviews