Taste the history of Britain with a tea master

location_city London

timelapse 3 hour duration

language delivered in English

Hosted by Lera

Lera is a a tea expert and a professional, who in search for The Way of Tea travelled all over the world and studied with tea masters both in London and in China. She is a tea meditator and inspirator, as she calls herself. She guides historical and tasting tea tours, leads tea meditations and ceremonies, and writes about tea and its rich, deep side.

The experience

Join me on this tea experience. Starting at London Bridge station, I'll take you on a journey you've never been before - and you'll taste some tea.

Along the way I will reveal plenty of curiosities, including:
- when and how tea smuggling flourished in the UK
- what the English Tea Ceremony looked like in the 18th century, and also when and how it was created
- how Monument and Charles II (who you can see on the Monument itself) are related to tea
- which famous person was called a “hardened and shameless tea drinker” in the 18th century
- where tea auctions took place for almost 319 years
…and much more!

If the weather is nice we might have a bowl of exceptional Tea outside! This experience involves more walking and visiting more sites as they are quite spread out.

Come thirsty!


fiber_manual_record Darjeeling tea

fiber_manual_record High quality served by me on our way

fiber_manual_record Tea at 1 cosy cafe

What to bring

fiber_manual_record comfortable shoes

fiber_manual_record dress up in layers of clothes as it can get windy around London Bridge

fiber_manual_record eat a good breakfast as sometimes the tour can be longer than advertised and I don't want you to be hungry

Reviews (13) star star star star star

Joined the experience on my own and it was only me and her that day. She's such an expert of tea. She knows tea history in detail and told me so many things! We had some Chinese tea and meditation times on some spots which has its tea history, and it made me feel so relaxed. We walked quite a long way in about 3 hours, so you may need to wear trainers if you join the experience. Lera is such a lovely woman! Very kind and thoughtful! If you're a tea lover and are interested in the British tea history, you'd better join her tour! Thank you so much Lera for the precious experience!

Masumi star star star star star

Lera was awesome! So much passion for tea and so much history and knowledge of tea packed into 3 hours! We drank tea, chatted, laughed, meditated... I will always think of these 4 hours when I ask myself to be mindful with my tea in the mornings. Do yourself a favour and get on this experience when you're in London - tea will never be the same for you :)

Ranjeet star star star star star

If you are a tea lover or even if you are like me, a total newbie, and you want to know everything about English tea (actually Indian and Chinese), please take this experience with Lera, she is so passionate about tea and can explain you every single thing about it. What I also liked a lot is the spiritual part of it - she tries to not only taste the tea but feel it and make every sip a ritual. You will also visit some great places where you can enjoy tea and also coffee.

Sergio star star star star star

I have never seen anyone being so passionate about something than Lera. Her love for tea can be felt with every second during the experience. It was simply amazing and I enjoyed it very much. She got us so many information and you always felt like being in good hands. The tea we tasted was so good and I learned so much about how beautiful it can be to drink tea. Lera, thank you so much for an amazing ~4 hours with lovely and beautiful spots around the London Bridge area. We also had a stunning view of Tower Bridge while enjoying a cup of tea. Loved it so much. I definitely recommend the tour! :)

Jennifer star star star star star

Amazing experience. Very personal, very unique and very factual. The best way to spend a Saturday morning in London. We learned a lot about the different types of tea, but also about the places to go in London for a good tea or coffee. Lera is an extraordinary girl with a lot of knowledge about tea traditions around the world. Highly recommend!

Karina star star star star



£31 star star star star star 13 reviews